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Once Emaciated Puppy Found With Scabs Has Fairy ‘Tail' Adoption Story

7-month-old Meeko was adopted on Sept. 13 after having a rough start to her life in Louisiana

Left: Meeko the puppy as a 5-month-old, when she was found in ailing health in Louisiana. Right: A more recent image of Meeko after receiving tender love and care.

She melted the hearts of the Internet and now, she’s melting comfortably on her own, comfy bed and is getting the cuddles she deserves. The puppy who went viral after she was found scavenging for food as a stray has quite a fairy “tail” story that involves her finding her forever home.

Meeko the terrier mix – who was known as “Dobby” before her adoption -- was found roaming through the streets of an industrial part of Iberville Parish, Louisiana when a good Samaritan notified animal authorities about her. When she was found, the then-5-month-old pooch had fur loss, scabs and was emaciated.

Thankfully, however, she received immediate care at the Iberville Parish Shelter & Animal Control, was briefly placed in foster care and then flown to New Jersey, where she later arrived at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison.

“Since coming here, her health has improved. She’s gained weight and has been getting treatment for her skin condition,” Diane Ashton, a spokesperson for St. Hubert’s, told NBC 7. “Now, she’s really just a healthy and happy puppy, living her best life.”

Despite having a rough start to her young life, Meeko had the sweetest eyes and a kind, open disposition that yearned for the help she so rightfully deserved, according to Ashton.

Meeko as a puppy, shortly after being placed in foster care.
Bayou Buddies
Meeko as a puppy, shortly after being placed in foster care.
Meeko the puppy, all smiles and in better health, with her new parent.
St. Hubert's
Meeko the puppy, all smiles and in better health, with her new parent.

“You could tell she was sweet, loving and accepting,” Ashton said. “Since she came to our shelter, she was a staff favorite. She has this amazing personality that makes everyone fall in love with her. She’s won over a lot of people.”

During NBCUniversal’s Clear the Shelters campaign, Meeko’s story was shared nationwide, garnering attention from animal lovers throughout the U.S. and beyond. Ashton said St. Hubert received various calls from prospective pet parents around the world who wanted to adopt Meeko. Ultimately, however, she found her fur-ever family that includes her new human, and three siblings – a 14-year-old dog and two cats.

When she’s not enjoying an energetic game of tag with her feline siblings, Meeko enjoys indulging in the finest of chicken liver-flavored snacks.

Although Meeko’s story has a successful adoption in it, there are still thousands of animals nationwide waiting to be adopted. Ashton encourages anyone interested in getting a new pet to seek out their local animal shelters.

NBCUniversal Local, Greater Good Charities, The Animal Rescue Site and Hill's Pet Nutrition are partnered on a second life-saving pet airlift.

“Please come forward,” she said. “There are so many animals in need around the country, and shelters are so full of wonderful dogs, cats and small animals who need homes.”

Those who are unable to make a yearslong commitment to an animal can foster them, instead. It’s a chance to give a “wonderful gift to help animals,” according to Ashton.

Prospective foster pet parents can learn more about the process via the Greater Good Charities’ national effort, Go Out and Foster. This resource can help animal lovers register to become foster pet parents and connect them with animal shelters in their local communities.

To learn more about Go Out and Foster, click here.

NBCUniversal Local today announced its 2022 Clear The Shelters nationwide pet adoption and donation campaign (Aug. 1 to 31) helped more than 161,500 pets, and counting, find new homes
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