Olympic Gold Medalist Visits San Diego Elementary School

Some third graders in East County got an Olympic-sized treat on Friday when gold medalist Jeff Henderson paid them a visit.

Henderson, who won the gold medal in the long jump by 1 centimeter, is from Arkansas but now lives in San Diego and trained at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista.

Some of the most inquisitive “journalists” to pepper the 27-year-old with questions were the third graders at Vista Grande Elementary School in Rancho San Diego.

The students, who had been researching the Olympics and practicing interview techniques, were ready with questions when the local hero came to speak at their school. And they all learned a lot:

What’s your favorite dessert? Peach cobbler.

Your favorite shoe brand? Adidas.

Your favorite color? Red, white and blue.

Favorite book? Harry Potter.

Whom does he look up to the most? His parents.

The students then passed around Henderson’s newly minted gold medal, marveling at its weight.

On Friday, Henderson said he won his medal for his 57-year-old mother who battles Alzheimer’s disease and is the person he admires the most.

“She inspired me to keep on fighting,” he said. “She’s fighting so I’m going to keep on fighting, too.”

So what’s his next goal? Well, before he went to the Rio Olympics, he tried out for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The team told him to go to the Olympics and bring home gold. He’s done that and now he wants to play in the NFL.

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