Old Town Workers Fight New Changes

Old Town is getting ready for something new, and it could cost a lot of people their jobs.

Restaurant workers at Old Town State Park protested Saturday.  At the beginning of 2009, they were informed they would be laid off in March.

The reason for the cuts: a new management group will begin operating food service at the Plaza Del Pasado. The Old Town Hospitality Group has not said if it will rehire any of the nearly current 130 union workers.

A spokesman for the employees said they wouldn't mind the management change if they could keep their jobs.

"There are people who've been working here 20, 30 years. So, the only thing we want -- I don't think it's too much to ask -- the only thing we want is to keep working," Fernando Robles said.

The current restaurant operator took over in 2005 after outbidding the operators of Bazaar Del Mundo, which had been in operation at the site for 34 years.

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