Old Spaghetti Factory, We Missed You

The Old Spaghetti Factory returned to its original location in downtown San Diego Monday night.

Crowds turned out to attend the restaurant's grand re-opening more than 30 years after Old
Spaghetti Factory first opened in downtown San Diego.

But four years ago, the owners decided to try something new when they transformed the restaurant into Dussini's.

During the renovation process, the Old Spaghetti Factory changed back to its original look but that wonderful bar put in upstairs wasn’t removed.

“We got so many calls and people have just continued to ask us to bring the concept back, so we are really doing a little bit of both,” said Chris Dussin of The Dussin Group. “We've got the Old Spaghetti Factory downstairs and the upstairs is now Dussini Loft Bar.”

The owners say people who remember the restaurant from years ago will like what they see when they visit the "new" old spaghetti factory.

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