SeaWorld San Diego

Oh, Buoy! SeaWorld Rescues Trapped Sea Lion in San Diego Bay

A sea lion got its head stuck in a small opening at the base of a buoy.

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SeaWorld San Diego’s rescue team freed a sea lion on Friday whose head became stuck on a buoy floating in San Diego Bay.

The crew, with help from the Port of San Diego Harbor Police Department, ventured out to a buoy near the Point Loma area after receiving a report from a boater who spotted the distressed animal.

The sea lion’s head was stuck inside a welded piece of metal at the base of the buoy, according to SeaWorld. The team used soap and ointment to slide the animal out of the small ring.

The crew said it took about two minutes to free the sea lion.

SeaWorld added a tag to the animal to monitor it for any future incidents.

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