Officers Use New Training to Safely Deescalate Dog Attack

Three aggressive dogs in an Oceanside park Sunday evening were calmed without injury to the animals or any people Oceanside police said.

One of the dogs was attacking a man in Libby Lake Park around 5:30 p.m.injuring his arm and leg officials said.

To stop the dogs the officers used fire extinguishers to divert their attention from the victim.

The technique had just recently been taught at a training session. 

Eventually the humane society took the dogs without any of the animals getting hurt.

The dogs will remain in quarantine for a few days and then they will be evaluated for any medical or behavioral needs moving forward. 

The dogs appeared to be in the park by themselves and law enforcement was unable to find the owner.

The victim was evaluated by Oceanside Fire Department paramedics and chose to drive himself to the hospital.

Oceanside PD reminds pet owners they are obligated to always keep dogs on a leash.

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