SDPD Welcomes Youngest Recruit: 5-Year-Old Officer Liam

Officer Liam reporting for duty! The San Diego Police Department just got its youngest recruit ever, and he’s already stopped a bank robbery on his very first day.

Five-year-old Liam was born with a congenital heart defect, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation of San Diego set out to make his dream come true -- to become a police officer.

At a special ceremony Wednesday, Liam was sworn in by SDPD Chief of Police David Nisleit.

In his oath to serve and protect, Liam vowed to listen to his parents, eat his vegetables, catch a bank robber -- and most importantly, have fun.

Liam was given an official badge and a custom motorcycle made just for him (with a signed helmet from all the other officers, of course).

The newest SDPD officer took a quick lap outside SDPD Headquarters downtown before Liam and his partner got an important 911 call.

A masked man, dressed in black and white stripes, was robbing a bank!

Without hesitating, Liam and his partner arrived at the “bank,” where the department choreographed the perfect take down for the five-year-old’s big arrest.

Obeying Liam’s orders, the robber laid down on the floor and put his hands behind his back. The young cop successfully protected the bank, keeping true to his oath.

Liam’s big day marked an important milestone for SDPD -- it’s 130th anniversary.

The five-year-old stood side-by-side with the department’s oldest officer, Detective Sgt. Kenneth Fortier, who started in May 1985.

“It’s tough. There are a lot of people who are insulting our profession and to see there are still young people who want to do it -- that makes me happy,” Fortier said. “Always remember you’re representing your family, you’re representing his police department and this city, and I think if you keep those things in perspective, and who you work for, then you’ll do the right thing.”

The bookend officers were the first to get a slice of SDPD’s birthday cake.

Liam became the first police officer in the history of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of San Diego.

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