Officer Opens Fire on Man With Crowbar in Escondido

Lt. Chris Lick said the suspect exited his vehicle with a crowbar in hand during a traffic stop

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Authorities are investigating after an officer opened fire on a man who police said violated a restraining order and approached officers with a crowbar during a traffic stop early Friday in Escondido.

Police were notified at 3:37 a.m. that 44-year-old Rosendo Sandoval Quezada was in violation of his restraining order at a home in Central Escondido. On the call, the victims provided a description of the Quezada's vehicle.

Minutes later, officers located the car near the intersection of Washington Avenue and Broadway and performed a traffic stop.

The driver then stepped out of the car with a three-foot-long crowbar in hand and ran towards the officer, according to Escondido Police Lt. Chris Lick. The officer opened fire on the man, firing several rounds and striking Quezada in the stomach.

"This was a very rapidly evolving incident and the very split second incident that left very little room for much dialogue," Lick said.

Lick said the officer provided aid to Quezada before paramedics took him to Palomar Medical Center where he remains in stable condition.

According to records obtained by NBC 7, a restraining order had been filed against Quezada by his ex-wife three days before the incident. According to the restraining order, on June 15, Quezada came to her home "without my permission." He left after she threatened to call police but came back in the afternoon.

"He came near me in an aggressive manner and grabbed my waist pushing me aggressively against my car. He left saying many things are going to happen here," the woman wrote in the restraining order request.

She went on to say he has said he would never leave her along and if they die, they would die together.

The officer involved in the shooting was placed on administrative leave during the duration of the investigation, as per protocol, Lick said. The officer involved in the shooing has been identified as EPD Officer Tim Hamilton and has been with the department for four years.

Due to the investigation, Washington Avenue was closed between Broadway and North Escondido Boulevard.

Police said they had one witness but were looking for others to come forward.

A man who violated a restraining order was shot by an Escondido police officer after he approached them with a crow bar in hand during a traffic stop, authorities said.
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