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Off-Duty Border Patrol Agent Delivers Baby in Liberty Station Bathroom

An off-duty Border Patrol agent delivered a baby boy in a public bathroom over the weekend at Liberty Station.

The Border Patrol agent, named George Huertas, was participating in the Miracle Babies Superhero 5K when his sister came over to him and told him there was a woman giving birth at a nearby public bathroom, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in a release.

Huertas ran over and found the woman in one of the stalls. He provided aid to the woman and her unborn child. Huertas does have EMT training and was able to stimulate the child and initiate breathing, CBP said.

He was able to wrap the baby in one of his sister's baby blankets and introduced the mom to her child, CBP said.

Huertas remained with the mother and baby until paramedics arrived at the scene to address the baby's umbilical cord and take over care.

“George responds to those in need on and off duty,” said Michael E. McEwan, the Acting Commander of San Diego BORSTAR. “He is a strong advocate for those under his care. He truly embodies what it means to be a BORSTAR Agent and lives our moniker ‘So Others May Live.’”

Huertas is a member of the Border Patrol Search, Trauma and Rescue (BORSTAR) team in San Diego.

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