Oceanside Police Search for Fugitive

Authorities in Oceanside searched extensively for a fugitive Friday night by ground and by air.

Officials say they were looking for a fugitive wanted by federal law enforcement. The search – which began around 7:30 p.m. and lasted about two hours -- was situated on the east side of town, with police setting up a perimeter surrounding several neighborhoods from Highway 76 to Mission Avenue.

Patrols searched for the suspect on the ground and via helicopter, and blocked off streets as they scoured the area. There were police checkpoints at Loretta Street to the east and west of I-5.

Outgoing vehicles were inspected from cabin to trunk for any sign of the wanted suspect. Over the public address system on the police helicopter, residents were warned to stay inside their homes.

At one point, officers and deputies from the San Diego Sheriff’s Department did a yard-to-yard search for the suspect.

Police say they received a tip that the fugitive was in the Oceanside area, which then set off the search. Despite their efforts, officials were unable to locate the suspect.

The suspect’s name was not released, but officials did say he is wanted for a parole violation. The suspect was previously in prison on drug-related convictions.

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