Police Search for Domestic Violence Suspect in Oceanside

Police activity in Oceanside prompted a “soft” lockdown of an elementary school Tuesday morning as police tried to contact a man in the area suspected of domestic violence.

Oceanside Police Lt. Leonard Cosby said there was a heavy police presence in the 1400 block of Temple Heights Drive near Temple Heights Elementary School at around 10:20 a.m. The campus was placed on soft lockdown, meaning students were staying inside classrooms and weren’t allowed on the playground.

Lt. Cosby said officers were attempting to make contact with a man suspected of domestic violence after a victim called authorities saying she wanted to get her belongings from the suspect’s home in the area, but needed assistance from police.

Officers tried to contact the suspect by calling and making announcements over a loud speaker, but he didn’t answer. Officers temporarily blocked off the area to traffic so they could work the scene.

Officials said there was no immediate threat to the school and no evacuations had been ordered.

By 11:05 a.m., police said the area had been cleared and there was no threat to the neighborhood or school.

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