Oceanside Councilman Wants to Begin Reopening Businesses May 1

Councilman Christopher Rodriguez is worried Oceanside is in trouble

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An Oceanside City Councilman wants businesses in his city to begin reopening in three weeks.

“What I’m calling for, in a safe and healthy way, is to open up businesses essential to our economy by May 1 and we do it slowly and we do it smart,” said Councilman Christopher Rodriguez.

Councilman Rodriguez said he’s worried Oceanside will not be able to pay its own bills.

“We need the sales tax,” he said. “We need the revenue in order to survive this and we cannot continue much longer.”

Rodriguez said his primary concern was paying firefighters and police officers.

He said some businesses can slowly reopen following social distancing, face mask, and glove rules currently followed by grocery stores and other essential businesses.

“I think we can open businesses, essential to our economy and help us make it through this, and we can also focus on flattening the curve,” he added.

“The main thing is making sure that everybody follows those rules,” said Kristina Blair.

Her father owns the popular Mary’s Family Restaurant right across the street from Oceanside City Hall. However, they said their business has almost dried up.

“It still hurts because we know what this place is like when it’s open,” said Blair.

She and her father agreed any form of loosening of the restrictions would help.

“You’re trying to keep your doors open, you’re trying to keep your lights on, and you’re trying to stay happy, but it beats you up day by day,” said Blair.

NBC 7 contacted San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond about Councilman Rodriguez’s desire to reopen businesses beginning May 1.

“We are coming up with plans and talking to business owners daily,” said Desmond in a statement. ”While I'm not a public health official and I look to them to make decisions… we need to be looking at the future, so that when we turn the corner on this virus we can get businesses open right away.”

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