Oceanside Closer to Approving ‘Spice' Ban

The ordinance, which would ban synthetic drugs known as "spice" in Oceanside, would be the first ban against spice in San Diego County

Oceanside city council members voted 4-0 Wednesday to approve an ordinance to ban the display, sale, distribution, possession and use of synthetic drugs commonly known as “spice.”

The spice ban ordinance is the first of its kind in San Diego County.

If it is adopted at the next city council meeting, the ordinance will take effect 30 days after that date.

Oceanside Police Chief Frank McCoy says the ordinance is the product of several agencies coming forward and working together.

“I’m very glad the city council can see the importance of this. Hopefully it will be a trend for the rest of the county,” he said.

About two months ago, San Diego saw a spike in spice cases. San Diego Fire-Rescue Department (SDFD) Capt. Joe Amadar says there was a period where they received 25 to 27 calls a day reporting spice use on the streets of San Diego. There was one user who was only 13 years old, Amadar says.

Yessica Solano is a student at El Camino High School in Oceanside. She and dozens of other students came to the city council meeting because they believe synthetic drug is putting teens at risk.

“I’ve personally seen effects of this synthetic drug. I witnessed a close family go through that road and it’s not pretty,” she said.

Other areas in California that have a similar ordinance include Los Angeles, Redlands, Highland and Twentynine Palms.

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