Oceanside Boy Hopes for New Kidney

Gavin Thomas, 7, has chronic kidney disease and needs a new kidney

Seven-year-old Gavin Thomas is a typical boy. He's full of energy, has an infectious smile and a fascination with trains.

His Oceanside family adopted Gavin from an orphanage in Bulgaria. After just a year of having him as part of the Thomas family, Gavin’s health is now a major concern.

“We always wanted to adopt a child and we never planned to adopt a child with major medical needs or special needs,” said Gavin’s mom, Lindsay Thomas.

Gavin has chronic kidney disease and already had one kidney removed. Now, he needs a new one.

“It's going to take a lot to get all of us through this,” said Thomas.

But the military family of seven is on a mission to help Gavin overcome his health issues. The family has created an online fund in Gavin's name via the website gofundme. The page shares the boy's story and asks for donations to help cover travel funds for Gavin's kidney donor and expenses for the Thomas family as they see Gavin through this difficult period.

“At this point we do need the help. We need the assistance. Gavin is going to be on dialysis for a couple of weeks. We have five children. We need the gas money and daycare costs,” Thomas said.

The family's initial fundraising goal was $10,000. And, nearly two months after starting the account, they're halfway there, with more than $5,500 raised thus far.

“[I'm] totally amazed. It has been so overwhelming,” said Thomas.

Gavin's mom says that for her family, this is about more than money.

It's about sharing Gavin's unique adoption story and giving him a chance at a better life.

The boy does have a kidney donor lined up -- someone near and dear to the Thomas family.

Thomas says the women who helped set up Gavin's adoption has agreed to donate her kidney to the child. The process will take some time to complete, but the boy's family is hopeful that things will go smoothly for Gavin.

To learn more about Gavin and donate to his fund, visit this website.

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