Ocean Beach Gets New Security Camera

In an effort to crack down on crime, a new security camera is being installed in San Diego’s Ocean Beach community, but not everyone thinks it’s a good idea.

Though OB is known for its eclectic community, there is an element of “trouble” there that town officials are trying to get rid of so the community can be a safer, more enjoyable place for all.

“For many years there's been an element that wants to cause a little more trouble than we want down there,” explained San Diego City Councilmember Ed Harris.

Within a week or two, Harris said OB will have extra help keeping the seaside community safe as a new security camera is installed on the San Diego Police Department's trailer at the foot of Newport Avenue, focusing around the pier, which is a frequently visited attraction.

“We want people to go down there at night, in the day – any time of the day – and feel completely comfortable like this is a great place to be, and I have no reason to be scared to be here. That's our goal,” said Harris.

It’s welcome news to some people who work in that area, including OB resident Katie Brown, who works at Java Jungle.

“It's frustrating, especially working here. We have to kick some of the people out or sometimes they deter normal, regular customers,” Brown said.

She believes the camera will provide another layer of security.

“I think it will be a good thing. I mean we want to keep this really community friendly,” she added.

But OB business owner Eileen Hogan disagrees.

“I’m leaning towards people’s privacy,” she said.

Hogan’s shop, Raindrops, is on the Ocean Front looking at the pier.

While she says something should be done, she doesn't think a camera is the answer.

“Maybe a little more police presence but not cameras,” she said.

Harris said there are already security cameras on businesses in that area but this new camera will target an area those cameras cannot see.


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