Occupy SD Re-Invigorated After Arrests

Faith leaders, labor unions join Occupy SD protesters

Late Friday, as Occupy San Diego demonstrators regrouped after 53 people were arrested, the protesters were re-invigorated with the help of a few local organizations.

The San Diego Labor Council joined the protesters in the evening to help bring the Occupy SD movement back to their original underlying theme, “We Are the 99%”.

“Everybody who wants to have a job and everybody who has a job should have a living wage job with benefits and that's why we're here tonight,” said Labor Council official Lorena Gonzalez.

Along with the labor union were faith leaders.

“We have come to offer words of support, words of encouragement,” said one leader who added that he and many others showed solidarity for the movement which has spread across the nation.

As speeches by the union and faith leaders wrapped up, Occupy SD received 400 more visitors when members of a Critical Mass bike group rode into the protests.

“We just wanted to support Occupy and just show them that they're not alone in the fight,” said Brian Carson, one of the riders.

San Diego police said a total of 53 people were arrested Friday, many of which were taken in during an early morning raid.

Raw Video: SDPD Occupy Raid (Warning Graphic Language)

Police said the protesters were charged with illegal assembly and obstructing police officers.

SDPD confirmed that later in the day two more protesters were arrested.

One person was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after police said the person threw a can at a Sgt., hitting them in the face. The Sgt. was not injured.

Another person was arrested for battery.

Protesters said they were beginning to raise money in order to bail out their fellow demonstrators.

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