Occupy SD Groups Split Up But Seek Reunification

Two groups cite ideological differences and a desire to comply with police demands as reasons for leaving Civic Center encampment

After a week of protesting, the Occupy San Diego movement has become divided, with three separate locations in central San Diego.

A handful of people who left the original occupation in Civic Center Plaza said that the group had become too radical and that its resistance to police strayed from the intent of the movement.

The organizers of the alternate occupations also wanted to provide a safe place for protesters to move in compliance with police demands, according to Anthony Muni, an activist with the movement.

Several occupiers began collaborating at the USS Midway Thursday night. Another group gathered at Balboa Park on Presidents Way.

In an effort to reunite the three camps, Occupy San Diego is organizing a march at 4 p.m. Friday from the USS Midway through downtown to the Civic Center Plaza. Then, the march will move to Balboa Park.

At 7 p.m. Friday, Occupy SD organizers will hold a “Unity Concert” in Balboa Park near the World Beat Center. The concert will feature music from Liquid Blue.

“Let’s celebrate – It’s been one week since Occupy San Diego started,” the group said on its Facebook page.

Muni agreed that San Diego occupiers could be more unified. Though members of the movement may want to achieve different goals, change is more likely to happen when the group is organized.

“I don’t agree with their views,” he said, referring to Friday’s conflict with police, “but I admire their dedication.”

“They are really passionate people, and that’s something to be proud of.”

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