Occupy San Diego Protest Begins at Civic Center Plaza

Group debates communication with SDPD

The unrest that started in lower Manhattan three weeks ago has spread to the opposite corner of the country.

Occupy San Diego followed the lead of Occupy Wall Street protesters Friday evening. Over 1,500 protesters staged a march that moved through downtown San Diego, San Diego Police said.

The movement has established a general message of frustration regarding economic inequality in the U.S. As of Friday evening, no arrests had been made, and police and protesters did not expect any violence. Unlike other Occupy protests, police in San Diego worked with the group's organizers to ensure a peaceful demonstration.

Protestors in San Diego adopted one of the Occupy Wall Street mottos as their own: “We are the 99 percent,” the participants chanted as they walked through the Gaslamp Friday night. The percentage refers to what they call the “lopsided distribution of wealth.”

The protest began at 3:30 p.m. at the Children’s Park on 1st St and Island Ave., and moved to Civic Center Plaza at 4:30 p.m.

Earlier in the week, a photojournalist from media partner VoiceOfSanDiego.org attended a planning meeting for Occupy San Diego Wednesday night, where the protest group’s “general assembly” gathered to share goals, strategies and resources.

The assembly debated the level of communication they would like to have with San Diego police. Former City Attorney Mike Aguirre offered his experience with protests and suggested the group establish a police liaison.

Check back here for images and updates on the Occupy San Diego protest.

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