Occupy San Diego Protests Continue

Protesters also asking for bail, food money

Lauren Steussy

On the heels of a clash between the San Diego police, the protesters with Occupy San Diego are planning another march and have asked the public for assistance. Meanwhile, occpuy-themed protests have moved to the North County area.

Though some of their communication has been moved to less public areas, organizers behind Occupy San Diego's  Facebook page  reported a new march on Saturday where they will leave the Civic Center at 11 a.m. and move onto Balboa Park for a rally. Protesters will then return to the Civic Center.

While some plan on joining the Balboa Park rally, others will stay to hold ground, they wrote.

Along with that message was a post asking the public for donations for  food, water and, most notably, bail money.

As of Friday evening, the group raised $700 for bail from fellow demonstrators.

Also on Saturday, organizers of the Occupy North County movement planned to march in Encitnitas.

"Inspired by Occupy Wall Street, we vow to end the moneyed corruption of our democracy," the group said in a media release. "We welcome anyone who want to join this patriotic protest. Bring American Flags and signs."

The protest will begin  at 1:30 p.m. at the corner of Encinitas Blvd. and Coast Highway 101 and isn't set to be an overnight event.

Late Friday night the Civic Center was much calmer than earlier in the day when San Diego police began evicting Occupy San Diego protesters using pepper spray.

"I'm a little upset that the police had to come in and pepper spray some people but it just furthers our cause," said Alessandro Moscoso.

Two people were arrested as police began to remove tents and for some the no tents policy is making it difficult to stay with the movement, especially at night.

"I'm a little hesitant as a woman by myself, "said Catherine Martini. "I'm probably going to try and get some friends to do it with me. I'm totally willing to sleep on a tarp in a sleeping bag on the ground, if that's what we're allowed to do and we can do it."

Others said without the tents there's a lack of community and direction now.

"It was kind of sad today," said Eva David.

"It's hard to find out what committee is meeting where or what's going on any more."

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