OB Sign Vandalized, Taggers Invited to Join Artistic Community: Report

Vandals tagged Ocean Beach’s iconic welcome sign, and some town leaders have suggested an unusual proposition.

At the Ocean Beach Town Council meeting on Tuesday night, according to published reports, the discussion on the graffiti turned into a conversation on designating a public space for the taggers to do their art.

A local artist suggested inviting the vandals to join the artistic community.

The sign was vandalized either Sunday night or Monday morning, the town council said on its Facebook page.

The town council has cleaned up a portion of the sign that can be cleared of graffiti, but plans to hire professional painters to repaint the sign.

In the meantime, San Diego police are investigating and have asked anyone with information to contact Officer Zamora at sdzamora@pd.sandiego.gov.

A landmark in OB, the sign has greeted visitors to the beach-side community since 1984.

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