Rady Children's Hospital

Nurses Protect Patients and Their Coworkers Against COVID-19

May 6 marks the beginning of National Nurses Week

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“It’s definitely a challenging time.”

Some people might consider that an understatement, but Megan Medina takes it in stride.

The infectious disease nurse spends her days with three other nurses patrolling the halls of Rady Children’s Hospital making sure medical providers have what they need to fight and protect against the coronavirus; know how to use personal protective equipment; and have all their questions answered.

“We’ve been getting lots of phone calls,” Medina said while flanked by her coworkers.

May 6 marked the beginning of National Nurses Week across the United States. Medina said the medical providers have noticed and appreciated the support they’ve received since the global pandemic began.

“It’s been really amazing to see the support from the community,” she said while standing inside Rady Children’s Special Infectious Disease Unit.

It’s an isolated unit reserved specifically for children with the coronavirus. Thankfully, only two rooms were occupied Wednesday.

“We aren’t seeing a huge influx of pediatric patients with COVID,” said Medina.

NBC 7 San Diego was the first news outlet given access to the unit. The hospital keeps it impeccably clean. Doors were added to seal it off from the rest of the hospital. Each individual room has its air pumped safely outside through a special machine so that it doesn’t mix with the air in the hallways.

“So, we’re safe being here in this space because we’re not sharing air with what’s in the room,” Medina explained.

Medina said the hospital and her team’s efforts are working. She said no one has contracted coronavirus inside the hospital and all of their patients have recovered.

“The heroes around here are the people taking care of the patients,” she said.

However, it’s Medina's team that is taking care of the medical staff at Rady Children’s Hospital. It’s just a little harder during a global pandemic.

“We’ll be happy when coronavirus is gone,” sighed Medina.

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