Nuisance Oceanside Neighbor Released From Jail

Christopher Fore is accused of trashing his childhood home on Chauncey Street in Oceanside, which has caused much disruption for neighbors

The man accused of trashing his house at the expense of his neighbors in Oceanside has been released from jail. Now people living on Chauncey Road are bracing for Christopher Fore’s return.

If he does come back, Fore could find himself back behind bars.

The City of Oceanside now has a temporary restraining order that allows them to arrest Fore if he tries to move back into his childhood home.

Fore doesn’t own the house, which belonged to his parents. After their deaths the man, who court documents describe as a known drug abuser, moved in.

Neighbors called Oceanside Police 86 times in a year, asking officers to stop Fore from dismantling the place, often sending debris flying into their yards.

“You hear stucco hitting your house, it’s hard to not feel a little alarmed,” said Bonnie Tweed, who lives next door.

Tweed, who has known Fore since he was a child, said his drug use changed him.

“When he is in that state, I don’t think he knows the effect it has on people, that it’s not just him doing what he wants on his own property, it’s been pretty disruptive,” she told NBC 7.

On April 12, Oceanside police, armed with an abatement warrant, removed Fore from the property, which has been declared uninhabitable. Fore was arrested after officers found methamphetamine and a bullet in his pocket.

After Fore’s arrest, city workers boarded up the house, painted parts of it and cleaned up the yard to alleviate the eyesore for neighbors. Neighbors say they’re thankful.

This week, Fore pleaded guilty to the drug charge and was released from the Vista Jail. He hasn’t been seen in the neighborhood since.

Neighbors tell NBC 7 they hope Fore got the message and stays away.

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