Bus Lot? Not in My Little Italy

Residents say a proposed bus terminal will disrupt their community


Residents and business owners are coming together to fight SANDAG's proposal of a bus lot in Little Italy.

More than 1,000 locals signed petitions opposing the proposal, which will take the place of a current parking lot on the corner of Kettner Boulevard and Ash Street. According to SANDAG, this location is just south of Little Italy, and not considered part of the same neighborhood.

SANDAG says the Downtown bus parking facility will provide an off-street location for transit vehicles to park as opposed to their current system of parking on street spots. The facility will accomodate up to 18 vehicles at a time.

Residents say the parking lots will take away from the neighborhood the community has built. The petition they signed urges SANDAG to continue parking on the street near Kettner and India St.

"I don't want to live in a major thoroughfare dodging buses every time I walk or ride my bike," said Resident Yvonne Amrine.

In SANDAG progresses the plan, some residents said they may file a negative mitigation declaration -- that would require SANDAG to conduct an environmental impact report.

In response, SANDAG said they have already conducted the environmental report. After, they will make the information public.

SANDAG is evaluating the feasibility of the location on four different areas in Little Italy.

Once the sites have been evaluated, a document will be released to the public for review and comment. They hope to complete construction this year.

"Having the right mix of residential, commericial and park space is they key to creating a vibrant neighborhood," said Councilman Kevin Faulconer. "But there's no doubt in my mind that everyone, wherever you live in the city of San Diego would disagree that Little Italy has achieved just that."

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