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Flooding in North Park Forces Residents to Shelter-in-Place

Water could be seen pooling in the front and backyards of several homes and rising around car tires. SDPD said some basements were flooded

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Inches of water filled the streets of a North Park neighborhood, flooding basements and front yards and forcing residents to shelter in place Tuesday morning.

It was not immediately clear what caused the flooding near Ray and Dwight streets at about 5:30 a.m. but San Diego Public Utilities crews were shutting off water valves to try to stop the flowing water.

At least three valves were shut off with no luck. Water was still leaking more than two hours later but shortly after 8 a.m., crews were able to cap the flow.

San Diego Police Department (SDPD) Lt. Chris Sharp said it was possible two water mains, a 7-inch pipe and a 30-inch pipe, may have been the source.

NBC7's Nicole Gomez reports on a water main break in North Park that shut off water to nearby homes.

The city later confirmed the 30-inch main line burst. Crews said instead if replacing the broken pipe, they were planning on installing a new, smaller pipe that would bypass the broken section.

The change will not impact water pressure, according to Water Department Director Tom Howard.

Twenty-six customers who had been without water since the main break had their water service restored at around 6 p.m.

Nathan Schmitt woke up to find a pool of water in his front yard and said it took more than an hour to figure out what was going on from officials.

"I looked outside and my entire front yard was completely flooded as was the whole entire street along with the neighbors' yards," Schmitt said. "Apparently its been going on for an hour an-hour-and-a-half."

NBC 7's Alexis Rivas is at the water main break in North park with updates on the repairs.

Schmitt's six-year-old son was asleep inside their home as he tried to figure out what was going on. When firefighters arrived, Schmitt was told he couldn't go back for his son.

“I was a little bit worried when they first told me, 'You stay here. Don’t go back and get your son.' 'What do you mean don’t go back and get your son?'" Schmitt said.

Minutes later, firefighters safely carried the boy through inches of pooling water and to his father.

A Swift-Water Rescue team was going door-to-door in the neighborhood ordering residents to shelter in place.

NBC 7's Nicole Gomez speaks to one man whose son had to be rescued from his house by firefighters.

Officials had blocked off several streets to traffic. Motorists were advised to avoid Ray Street from Dwight to Myrtle, and one block east to Grim Street.

Footage of the scene showed several inches of murky water filling the street. Water could be seen pooling in the front and backyards of several homes and rising around car tires.

Some basements were flooded, according to SDPD. San Diego Gas & Electric was also on scene in case any utilities received water damage. None was immediately reported.

It was also unclear how much damage the flooding caused.

No other information was available.

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