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North Park Restaurant Raises Money for Health Studio, Barber Shop Damaged by Fire

A fire in December tore through two North Park businesses.

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Verbena Kitchen in North Park presented a check to Mister Brown’s Barbershop and Soluna Wellness to help in their rebuilding effort. A fire ripped through their shops in December.

“We are here to present these amazing checks that we fundraised for Soluna Wellness and Mister Brown’s, it will be very beneficial to have them back in our community and be back in business,” Verbena Kitchen General Manager Dallas Juanes said.

Verbena Kitchen held a fundraiser that raised thousands of dollars for the rebuilding effort of both businesses.

Mister Brown’s has been in North Park for nine years while Soluna Wellness had only been open for months before the fire damaged their building. 

"My wife and I put a lot of time, our heart and soul into making that facility as beautiful and as welcoming to our clients as possible, so it was very difficult to see something that I worked so hard really just go up in flames," Soluna Wellness owner Antonio Hernandez said.

Both businesses expressed their appreciation for the support they’ve received.

"The fact that they would even consider doing something like this is just absolutely amazing – I would just like to thank those guys again from the bottom of my heart," Mister Brown’s Barbershop owner Lee Brown said.

Along with the money raised by Verbena Kitchen, there are also community-based fundraising efforts as well.

Both businesses plan on rebuilding. The fire remains under investigation.

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