North Park Ranked a Hipster Neighborhood

Hipsters all across North Park will be rolling their eyes when they hear the news that their beloved space has been ranked amongst Forbes’ list of America's Hippest Hipster Neighborhoods.

Trying not to care, North Park? Of course you are.

Forbes partnered with, a private social network for neighborhoods, to reveal which community drank the most organic coffee and craft beer. North Park came in at no. 13, with their neighbors to the north at Silver Lake, Los Angeles in first place.

It makes sense for North Park to be recognized for its hipsterdom. The famed 30th Street is well-known for serving craft beer. And every year, dozens don faux mustaches at the Man Diego event at True North.

“Culturally diverse North Park is home to Craftsman cottages, cafes and diners, coffee shops, several microbreweries, boutiques, and the North Park Farmers Market,” wrote Forbes. “The North Park Theater and the Ray Street Arts District are also bastions of creativity in the area.”

Bastions of creativity? Oh my.

Hispter, as Merriam Webster defines, is “a person who is unusually aware of and interested in new and unconventional patterns.” This basically means they reject or ignore conventional norms.

If that confuses you, Urban Dictionary puts it best: “Definitions are too mainstream.”

So don’t worry, North Park, hipster is a good thing in this case. But we know. You don’t care.

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