Danielle Radin

Anonymous Good Samaritan Wipes Grafitti From North Park Mom's Garage

The woman posted about the good deed in her Nextdoor app

Lisa Rigg awoke to an unpleasant surprise on her garage in North Park this month. 

"There were big old black graffiti gang signs," said Rigg. "I felt targeted. I felt really sad. I felt like our home had been violated." 

The mother tried to scrub her house clean. 

"I was out here with my toddler for several hours," said Rigg. "We were trying to get it off with paint thinner and we did not have any success at all." 

Rigg said to make matters worse, a number of neighbors noticed the graffiti on her home. 

"Every time we came home it was just such an eyesore," said Rigg. "I just wanted it to go away." 

The next day, when Lisa checked her garage the graffiti was gone, with no clues left of who could've done the good deed. 

"It's a mystery," said Rigg. "I like to call them my angel." 

The black letters had been painted over with white paint that was a similar color to the door. 

Rigg did not know who to thank for the new paint job, so she posted a message to her Nextdoor app. 

"I was on cloud nine when that happened and I just had so much gratitude," said Rigg. "It makes me want to be a good neighbor back." 

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