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North Park Businesses Campaign for Inclusivity During Pride Month

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There’s no doubt North Park is one of San Diego’s most vibrant neighborhoods. Its eclectic mix of businesses draws in locals and tourists alike.

“It seems like this is a very diverse neighborhood and just everyone gets along with each other,” said John Paul Boomer, owner of Pretzels and Pints.

Boomer settled into the neighborhood back in 2016.

“[By] Owning a bar here I see people interact that would normally not interact,” said Boomer. “They buy each other rounds, laugh, and it's just a very loving, friendly, kind vibe.”

It's that feeling of inclusivity that Boomer said drew him in. Now, along with dozens of other local businesses, he is participating in a campaign to ensure everyone who visits North Park feels included.

“With pride coming up we wanted a way to let people know that North Park is a place where everyone can feel welcomed, empowered to speak for themselves,” said Angela Landsberg, executive director of North Park Main Street, a nonprofit that manages the businesses in the area.

Recently North Park Main Street launched a campaign to encourage local shops and organizations in the neighborhood to commit to increasing inclusivity.

“I think it just makes people feel heard, acknowledged, special,” said Geraldine Ridaura, owner of Holy Matcha.

Ridaura is offering a pride-inspired matcha tea at her shop. Other shops involved will be offering deals like complimentary items with purchase, pride-themed apparel, and goodies throughout the month.

But Landsberg said the initiative goes beyond just Pride month.

“This is not a campaign to put a rainbow on your window and call it a day,” said Landsberg. “We’re going to be changing the way things are done in our organization and hopefully by doing that inspiring how other people are running their operations as well.”

Pushing for inclusivity and equality all year long.

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