North County

North County Drivers Will Have to Slow Down with New Rumble Strips

Encinitas will soon have some new traffic features on the road

North County drivers will have to slow down as Encinitas adds crosswalks and rumble strips to try and make the roads safer. 

The Encinitas City Council has voted to add new traffic features to Leucadia's part of Highway 101, with the goal of getting drivers to lay off the gas pedal. 

They will be adding four raised crosswalks, more signs, and rumble strips to the road in an effort to slow traffic down. 

Bicyclists and pedestrians in the area have been wanting drivers to slow down in the area for some time. 

In November, the plan hit a road block when a neighbors sued the Coastal Commission to try and stop a streetscape program that would add bicycle lanes and crosswalks. 

Those opposed to the project said traffic in the area is already heavy. A nearby business owner said she has seen traffic stretched into Carlsbad. 

She added she has seen people parked along the shoulder of the highway wait up to 15 minutes just so they can back out and drive away.

These are temporary solutions until major construction takes place in the area later this year. 

The city said they will not add a temporary bike lane because it is not cost effective for a short term solution. 

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