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North County COVID-19 Testing Site Previously Shutdown, Pops Up in Downtown

The North County testing site ordered to shut down on April 15, has reopened in downtown San Diego

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The North County testing site ordered to shut down on April 15, has reopened in downtown San Diego.

Last week, Mira CostaCollege received a letter from the County Public Health Department asking them to immediately close down the testing site that was being rented off on their property.

On Friday, a spokesperson for COVID Clinic says they've addressed all the county's concerns.

"We have worked out and provided everything that the county has asked for and that's why we're confident that we'll be at this site for months to come if that's what the public needs," said Matt Collins, a spokesperson for the COVID Clinic.

The county said previously that the clinic was breaking state law by not reporting their results to the Public Health Department. The spokesperson for COVID Clinic claims they weren't given enough time to fix the issues, but now he says they're prepared to report all test results to the county.

"Many other testing sites, require a doctor's referral or they may be restricted to what type of insurance someone has. We actually have opened it up to anyone. We've tried to build our service in a way that anyone can come and be tested if they wish to be tested," Collins said.

A spokesperson for the county said that the clinic is under the regulatory authority of the state public health department. When NBC 7 reached out to the state to make sure COVID Clinic was following all the rules, they referred NBC 7 back to the county.

Ultimately, the county has said if they don't follow their regulatory and reporting responsibilities, they have no problem shutting them down again.

The new COVID clinic site is located at 1151 Third Avenue right across from the Civic Center.

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