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North Coastal Neighbors Complain of Aggressive Door-to-Door Salesman

Several neighbors in North County coastal communities are complaining about an aggressive door-to-door solicitor who they say is threatening residents who refuse to give him money.

In one instance recorded by a security camera on a front porch in Solana Beach, the salesman introduced himself as someone working on his people skills and promised not to lose his temper.

But that homeowner said the man broke his promise within minutes.

“He was very forceful,” Jennifer Fox said. “He was coming at me."

Fox was at home with her 5-year-old daughter. A little creeped out by his methods, Fox opted not to donate.

He responded by showing her what looked like his middle finger.

NBC 7 is choosing not to show the man’s face because he's not charged with a crime, but Fox thinks he should be considering the vile things he said to her at her front door.

Fox can be heard in the video telling the man to leave the property, but the arguing continued.

Once he left, he apparently moved on to neighbor Logan Reading’s house, and to more neighbors’ homes after that.

"I had the same experience with him,” Reading said. “I was home by myself, it felt very uncomfortable."

Fox’s husband posted video of the encounter on the NextDoor App and several people in Solana Beach, Del Mar, Clairemont and Oceanside posted they also had run-ins with this same solicitor.

"Every comment is about him immediately turning and threatening violence. Really threatening, intimidating the moment you say no,” he said.

While's Fox's encounter happened almost four weeks ago, neighbors posted the same solicitor was working as recently as Wednesday on Santa Helena, just two blocks away.

"I don't feel comfortable with my front door open, let alone unlocked anymore," Fox said.

Fox says she called the San Diego County Sheriff's Department that day and has followed up about a half dozen times since, but she has yet to get the opportunity to file a formal complaint.

The wife of an NBC 7 employee said the same man also came to her door and harassed her, but then left. It's not yet clear if any crimes are being committed or if this man is just being a nuisance.

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