Neighbors Trying to Find Rightful Owner of Military Uniform

The coat was found in Adams Ave Rec Park

Neighbors in Normal Heights are trying to get a U.S. Marine Corps uniform back to its rightful owner after it was found in the neighborhood.

A Marine Corps Dress Blue coat was discovered Sunday night at the Adams Avenue Rec Park in Normal Heights.

"You don't make a lot of money to begin with, they're not cheap to replace. Having it stolen is not ideal, especially around the holidays," said the man who found the coat, who is also a Marine.

He did not want his name used but told NBC 7, he wants to get the uniform back to its owner.

Another Normal Heights resident found what could be the rest of the uniform just a couple of blocks away.

The coat is not tagged, but there are some clues to help in the search for the owner.

"This is a Sergeant's Chevron. This is a service stripe and it indicates four years of service," the Marine told NBC 7.

The Marine may be young based on the years of service and the uniform was also freshly pressed.

Just last week, a local Marine's truck was broken into near Mission Valley and some of his uniforms were stolen.

NBC 7 reached out to that Marine to see if this is his uniform but was told it does not belong to him.

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