Nominees Predict Music Awards: Best New Artist

Who better to predict the big winners of the 2019 SDMAs than the nominees themselves?

With the 2019 San Diego Music Awards right around the corner (the annual ceremony takes place at House of Blues on March 11), we decided to have a conversation with a few of this year's nominees about their predictions on the upcoming award show's biggest categories. After all, who better to make the call on possible winners than some of the very same folks who could possibly take home trophies this year? First up in our series of SDMA predictions, the category of Best New Artist.


  • Babydoll Warriors
  • Julia Sage & the Bad Hombres
  • Miss New Buddha
  • Pocket Hole
  • The Color Forty Nine
  • The Havnauts
  • Tularosa

Larry Doran (whose band, Trouble in the Wind, is nominated for Best Country/Americana and Best Country/Americana Album; he announced this week he would be departing the band): Miss New Buddha. Based on what I've seen and heard, they sound fresh and full of buzzing tension. I like when bands make me uncomfortable in a good way.

Parker Edison (whose group the Parker Meridien is nominated for Best Hip-Hop/Rap and Best Hip-Hop/Rap Album): I’m perplexed how rap is the No. 1 streamed genre of music in the world but barely makes up 10 percent of SDMA nominees or categories. Best New Artist should go to rapper Ric Scales. He has been noticed by Pigeon John and 9th Wonder. He’s also working on music with Cypress Hill's DJ Muggs and RhymeSayers artist Blueprint. If you look his name up, you will find a number of Facebook posts where the city is shocked, discouraged and disappointed in him being looked over. I am attaching a Facebook link [go here]. There are over 150 comments echoing this sentiment.

Shane Hall (nominated for Best Singer/Songwriter): Tularosa. In a word: vibes! "Feel" is the most important element in music for me, and this band is pushing real feels with every note. I’d keep an eye out for these guys.

Veronica May (nominated for Best Pop Album): Pocket Hole. I think the production of [the band] is nice and it's my style.

Ramona Sage (whose band, Mittens, is nominated for Best Pop): While there are great bands in this category, including the Havnauts (who we have played shows with us this year and I adore), I must highlight the Babydoll Warriors. A group of devoted San Diego music fans decided to get together and start a band of their own. How cool is that?! I feel sorry for anyone who was not present at their first show because it was mind-blowing. This band made a mark on the SD music scene in the short time it's been around, and I look forward to all that they will do in the years to come.

SoundDiego's Pick: The Havnauts.

Stay tuned to for further selections in our series of round-table discussions with 2019 San Diego Music Award nominees.

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