Noah's Ark is Coming To San Diego

A Dutch-built ark plans to travel the world and stop along California's coast.

Noah’s Ark will travel to San Diego, but not without making a few stops first.

Beginning this summer, the massive boat will be shipped by barge 5,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean to Fortaleza, Brazil during the 2016 Olympic Games and later onto Rio de Janeiro for the Paralympic Summer Games, according to the Ark of Noah Foundation director, Herald Janssen.

Shortly after the ark’s trip to Brazil, the barge will likely begin to bring Noah’s Ark to the California coast.

"We cannot promise how long it will take, but we will come to California," Janssen told CBS Los Angeles.

The life-size replica of the Bible’s ark weighs 2,500-tons, is larger than a football field and can hold approximately 5,000 people.

The five-story boat was built in The Netherlands by Dutch carpenter Johan Huiders as a religious attraction. The ark acts as an interactive museum and even includes life-size replicas of animals.

Huiders partnered with the Ark of Noah Foundation to raise money for the around-the-world voyage.

Although it is too early for Janssen to say when the ark will arrive in San Diego, he does believe it will make it to California eventually.

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