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No Charges Pursued in North Park Concert Venue Brawl: SDPD

Video posted to social media caught the fight on video

The victims hurt in a brawl at a popular concert venue in North Park have decided, for now, they will not press charges, police confirmed.

San Diego Police Department (SDPD) Lt. Scott Wahl said Friday that those involved in the fight decided they don't want to prosecute. Thus, police have closed the case.

Wahl said investigators do not know who the suspects are; no arrests have been made.

Nearby residents say the Observatory in North Park needs to do more to make sure that violent fights, like the one that happened Wednesday night on stage, don't happen again. NBC 7's Liberty Zabala has more.

On Wednesday at around 9 p.m., during a concert at the Observatory North Park on University Avenue, an unknown man from the audience rushed the stage, punching rapper XXXtentacion, who was performing.

The attack prompted others to jump on the stage. Soon, a brawl ensued between the venue's security guards and at least 10 other people.

The preliminary police investigation that night revealed that during the commotion, a 19-year-old man had reportedly been stabbed by an unknown suspect. The young man was taken to the hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Since then, however, the SDPD said the man suffered a "puncture wound," and was not necessarily stabbed. Police said, with many separate fights happening at once that night, nobody really saw anything that could confirm the victim was stabbed.

Police are investigating a brawl at a North Park concert venue Wednesday night.

At some point during the brawl, the rapper was taken off stage. 

There was mass hysteria as more than 800 people rushed the venue's exit, running to escape the fight. 

Video posted to social media captured the chaos.

The following videos may be graphic for some.

In one video, a security guard appears to be carrying a man off the stage.

Kevin Rios witnessed the fight and said the crowd quickly got out of control.

"Security was trying to do their job, but when you are three feet away from the performer, just behind a 5-foot fence, it looks like members of the crowd tried to get their hits in too," Rios told NBC 7.

The brawl left many residents in North Park feeling uneasy about safety in their neighborhood. Some criticized the concert venue on the way the situation was handled.

The Observatory's general manager, Paris Landen, said there were 48 security guards on staff during the concert, supported by off-duty SDPD officers.

She praised her team's response to the brawl.

“They pulled together; they did what they were supposed to do. They stayed on point,” Landen told NBC 7.

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