No Arrests, No Updates In Carlsbad Hiker Homicide Investigation

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A city is still searching for answers. It’s been nearly three weeks since police say someone stabbed 68-year-old Lisa Thorborg to death on a hiking trail in Carlsbad, and still, no arrests have been made.

NBC 7 reached out to the Carlsbad Police Department about an on-camera interview for updates on the status of the investigation.

A lieutenant working the case responded by email, “We aren't doing any on camera interviews until we have new information to share on this case. We are pushing out messages via social media regarding our on-going efforts to solve this case.”

The stabbing happened late morning on Nov. 23, the Monday before Thanksgiving, on a trail that runs thorugh Hosp Grove Park. Thorborg lived just blocks away.

Days before the stabbing, Thorborg posted on NextDoor, saying in part, “Hiking anyone? I would love the company.”

Detectives believe she was hiking alone when she was killed.

“We don’t get on-time reporting,” frustrated park visitor Pat Singley said Thursday. “We don’t receive the information we need, so that bothers me.”

She felt so unsafe and uncomfortable, she didn’t finish eating her lunch at the park with a girlfriend.

Earlier this month, CPD put out a message on social media asking concerned parties not to try and take the investigation into their own hands. Investigators grew concerned because of social media posts circulating within the community suggesting civilians, frustrated by the lack of progress in the case, would search nearby homeless encampments for suspects.

There are no known suspects in the case, but CPD investigators said they've interviewed several people matching a tipster's description of a person of interest, a 5-foot-10 to 6-foot-3 man with a husky build who possibly walked with a limp.

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