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Night Construction Coming to 30th Street in North Park, South Park

Looking south on 30th Street from University Avenue
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Having lived through a major water pipeline replacement project along the 30th Street corridor, residents from North Park south to Juniper Street in the area now need to prepare for night construction.

Next week San Diego will start repaving and restriping the street south from Polk Avenue to Juniper Street, adding new separated bike lines, it was announced on Friday.

Bike lane facilities will be installed in early July, officials said.

To help minimize impacts to both traffic and businesses along 30th Street with outdoor business permits, construction will be performed done at night Sundays through Thursdays. Project staff have worked with business owners who will need to remove temporary outdoor dining patios from the street before construction work takes place and replace them after their street segment has been paved.

New bike lanes installed on both sides of the street will be seven feet wide, while general travel lanes will be 11 feet wide. The new street layout will use physical barriers, including plastic posts and parked vehicles, to safely separate cyclists and micro-mobility users from vehicle traffic.

"What we have accomplished here is no small feat; we were able to upgrade several miles of critical infrastructure and give residents a new way to get around their community," said James Nagelvoort, director of the city's engineering and capital projects department. "I want to thank all of my staff who spent countless hours in the field, both night and day, to ensure this project was successful."

The roughly $30 million 30th Street Pipeline Replacement Project, which replaced more than five miles of water pipelines throughout North Park, Golden Hill and the Southeastern communities, is part of the city's Capital Improvements Program.

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