Nick Cannon in San Diego, Calls for Youth Empowerment and Ending Gun Violence

Former Lincoln Park resident Nick Cannon met with representatives of the National Action Network San Diego Chapter

Host of NBC’s America’s Got Talent and former San Diego resident Nick Cannon was in town Wednesday, meeting with high school students and representatives from the National Action Network San Diego Chapter.

Cannon grew up in Lincoln Park.

On Wednesday, he joined the Civil Rights Activist Reverend Shane Harris and others representatives of the National Action Network at the Jacobs Center on Euclid Avenue.

About 100 people were present at the meeting.

Cannon spoke about the empowerment of youth in San Diego and putting an end to gun violence.

“My main focus is the youth, specifically young men because we're losing them so fast,” Cannon said.

He was also here representing the Nick Cannon Foundation which provides leadership development and community service to at-risk kids in San Diego.

“Change has to be implemented and has to begin with us in our own community and we have to take charge,” he said.

The latest work includes encouraging entrepreneurship and helping high school students develop business plans.

“10 years from now things will be different. It's not going to happen overnight but it's definitely going to happen and it's going to happen because of people in rooms like this. So let's continue to keep it going,” Cannon said.

He also visited students at Point Loma High School to talk about projects they had been working on, including 3-D printing and biomedical solutions.

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