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Newlyweds Make Plea for Return of Stolen Wedding Photos

The couple said they returned from their honeymoon in Costa Rica and learned last week that their wedding pictures were stolen

An El Cajon couple is hoping the kindness of others will help them recover their stolen wedding pictures.

It was a picture perfect day that was seven years in the making for the newlywed Wickers, both 29 years old.

“It was incredible,” Tim said about his wedding while sitting next to his wife on their sofa.  “We're biased, but I keep saying it was best wedding I've ever been to.”

The couple said they returned from their honeymoon in Costa Rica and learned last week that their wedding pictures were stolen.

“I was heartbroken,” Jessica Wicker said. “I couldn’t even talk when they told us. The second we left I cried a bunch."

The few pictures they have of their special day are snapshots from the video taken by their videographer.

The actual still pictures of the wedding, along with computers and cameras were reported stolen to authorities from their photographer's Riverside County studio.

The burglary happened on Easter, the day after the Wickers' wedding in Temecula.

“It’s horrific. It gets worse every day,” said Tim.

“We have the memories. No one can take that and it was amazing. It would just be nice to have something to look back on to show our kids,” Jessica added.

The Wickers have taken to social media and websites to spread the news, hoping for someone to help them.

The couple told NBC 7 some peopl are trying to cash in on their loss and heartache.

“People are trying to have us send them money saying, 'We have your pictures.' That was even more heartbreaking,” Jessica said.

“For the love of God, all we want is the pictures. It would be great to have everything back," Tim added.

The Wickers told NBC 7 their photographer has offered them a refund and is willing to do another shoot.

“We want our pictures, our day back. We want those lifetime memories,” Jessica said.

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