Newcomer Faces Incumbent for California's 77th State Assembly District

In California's 77th State Assembly district, incumbent Brian Maienschein is facing newcomer June Cutter

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On the ballot this Tuesday is California’s 77th State Assembly District which represents parts of San Diego’s North County, Poway and Rancho Santa Fe.

Democratic incumbent Brian Maienschein is running against a Republican attorney and businesswoman, June Cutter.

"Just sort of where the district is, they want somebody who is going to be fiscally responsible, but socially, a little bit more moderate," said Brian Maienschein, the Democratic assemblymember for the 77th district.

On Politically Speaking, incumbent Brian Maienschein explained his recent party change. He has maintained his seat in the state assembly since 2012 as a Republican but now is seeking reelection as a Democrat.

"The party moved in a direction that I was not comfortable with, for example, I am pro-choice," said Maienschein.

Attorney and businesswoman June Cutter said she was motivated by Maienschein’s party switch to run.

“I’ve been a life long Republican, it fits with my principles and values. I believe in freedom and liberty and most importantly a free market economy and capitalism," said June Cutter, the Republican candidate for the 77th district.

Voter registration in the 77th assembly district has flipped overtime: Democrats now outnumber Republicans.

"I believe that our education system needs to be looked at carefully and reformed," said Cutter. "I believe we need to find ways to make it more affordable for families to live and stay in California.”

Cutter said her experience as a litigator for the last 18 years will help her lead this district.

“There are a lot of legislatures up in Sacramento who have never worked a day in the private sector and I bring a lot of real-life, real-world experience and business acumen to the table," said Cutter.

Maienschein said his success with getting bills signed into law is what he’s most proud of since taking office.

"I’ve had a particular focus on homelessness, mental health, done things on animals, and youth sports," said Maienschein. "Things that I think in my district it matters to their life."

Neither Maienschein nor Cutter have any competition within their political parties, so they will both advance from the primaries.

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