New Year’s Eve Fireworks Canceled

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There will be no fireworks downtown on New Year's Eve.

That's because an environmental group is threatening to sue to make sure organizers have the proper permits.

Marco Gonzalez is an environmental attorney with Coast Law Group. The organization is threatening to sue if the organizers of the downtown fireworks don't get the proper state permits.

"Things that we would never otherwise allow to go into the water is raining down on our waterways with no regulation whatsoever," said Gonzalez.

It's been a tradition for 20 years but now but the thousands who made plans to see the fireworks will have to go elsewhere.

The Port Tenants association who helps fund the show has decided to cancel the show.

The Port Authority, a sponsor of the fireworks, says the victims here are not only the spectators but a lot of local businesses.

"Well, I think that many of our port tenants stand to lose perhaps thousands of dollars as a result of the fact that people won't be coming down," said Ron Powell with the Port of San Diego. " I mean thousands of people come to see this. It's a tradition."

The lawyer for the environmental group suing says there's no reason to cancel the show. They just want to make sure the environment isn't harmed and that they have the proper permits.

"We just want everyone to be healthy, safe, and follow the law," said Gonzalez. "It's never been our intent to stop the fireworks. It's been our intent to bring them into compliance with the law."

Two years ago, after similar legal concerns SeaWorld was forced to change its show and now regularly monitor water quality.

NBCSanDiego was unable to reach the Port Tennants Association that puts on the show, but the Port of San Diego spokesperson said the association president told him they felt uncomfortable putting on the New Year's Eve show without the proper permits and the threat of a lawsuit.

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