New Wetlands Bring New Wildlife

Del Mar is receiving some new visitors that most bird lovers will enjoy, according to our media partner, The North County Times.

Migrating shorebirds, droves of ducks, and a bald eagle have flocked the nearly completed San Dieguito wetlands restoration area near the Del Mar fairgrounds.

Steve Schroeter, an environmental scientist who works for the state Coastal Commission, said, “The construction has been done impeccably.”

Proof of the project’s success lies in the influx of bird species growing home to the 150 acres of restored wetland habitat, including red-tailed hawks, great blue herons, tiny Anna's hummingbirds, and endangered California gnatcatchers.

"Somebody who knew what they were doing and had good optics could see over 60 species in one day," said Paul Lehman, an expert "birder" who has written guidebooks and run bird watching expeditions.

Further construction plans to add more wetlands plants and dredge sand will be completed this fall.

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