New Transmission Line Project in Scripps Ranch Causes Anger Among Neighbors

A new transmission line project by San Diego Gas & Electric Company is creating what neighbors call quite the eyesore.

The project has been going on in Scripps Ranch since January, but people who live in the area never expected to see something like that added to their neighborhood.

Many residents now have a giant pole just a few hundred feet from their back door, and it has them wondering why.

"It towers over my fence, it towers over my house and I couldn't believe what I saw," said Shelley Baker, a Scripps Ranch homeowner.

The metal tower is part of the Sycamore to Peñasquitos 230-kV Transmission Line Project. 

According to SDG&E's website, the new line will help improve electric service and integrate more renewable energy into their system, which helps meet state-mandated goals.

Residents are wondering at what cost.

“Driving up every day, I'm used to the normal lines that are there, which are the smaller ones," said Adam Baker. "When I saw this, I was just in shock."

The project goes 14 miles through developed residential and commercial areas as well as undeveloped areas, both underground and on new steel poles.

Homeowners nearby tell NBC 7 they did get notices of the project but had no idea this would now be included in their view. 

NBC 7 reached out to SDG&E to get some questions answered and see if more poles will be put up.

A representative will be meeting with neighbors Friday at 5:30 p.m. at Stonebridge Park to go over details.

Statement from SDG&E:

"Earlier this summer, construction began on the Sycamore to Peñasquitos 230-kV (kilovolt) Transmission Line. The project will modernize the electric system resulting in improved reliability for our customers, increase the integration of renewable energy onto our system, and will eliminate potential long-term visual impacts by undergrounding a majority of the transmission line in the area.

The project, measuring approximately 15 miles in length, will connect SDG&E’s existing Sycamore Canyon and Peñasquitos substations.

On the east end of the project, current construction activity consists of approximately 0.5 miles of new overhead 230 kV transmission line and relocated 138kV power line, requiring 5 new transmission structures within existing SDG&E Right-of-Way between the existing Sycamore Canyon Substation and a trail originating near Stonebridge Parkway. Once complete, this project will improve electric reliability for our customers in the area and throughout the County."

SDG&E also stated the construction on the transmission line is expected to continue for the next eight months and updates on the project are available through emails, a phone hotline, community meetings and its website's weekly reports.

SDG&E said it will work with neighbors and city officials to ensure construction activities are as least disruptive as possible. 

There was no mention of what looks to be a permanent disruption to the residents' landscape.

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