New North County Signs Offer More Safety for Bikes, Pedestrians

 Bicyclists and pedestrians in Rancho Penasquitos are using a new and unique traffic signal at the busy intersection at Black Mountain Road and the State Route 56 bike path.

It’s formally called a “Blankout-No Turn on Red Sign."

Pedestrians push the crosswalk button, and a large sign illuminates, making a right turn temporarily illegal.

“I think they’re a great idea, and I think we need more of them especially along dedicated bike routes," said cyclist Linda Holland of Carmel Valley.

There are two of the signs at the intersection, part of a joint project between Caltrans and the City of San Diego.

The total cost of the signs is $61,000 dollars, according to a city spokesperson.

Caltrans says the signs are the first of their kind to be used at a freeway intersection in the San Diego region. They were installed after many residents and cyclists voiced concerns about the dangerous intersection.

The signals are a welcome addition to improve safety, though some still have concerns about the dangerous intersection.

“It’s probably a good start, but I just don’t think people can see it or they’re not looking for it,” said cyclist Scott Stamp of Rancho Penasquitos.

“The people making the right turn, they see the sign, but then they watch me go across and they go ahead and make a right turn anyway,” said Patricial Locati of Scripps Ranch.

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