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New Thrive Charter School and Community Center Coming to Linda Vista

A new branch of the award-winning Thrive charter schools is in development for residents of Linda Vista, in addition to a new Bayside Community Center.

The project is brought in partnership with the non-profit organization Civic San Diego (CivicSD), which works to enhance underserved communities, according to a CivicSD statement.

At 35,000-square-feet, the new campus will be large enough for 500 students in grades kindergarten through 8th grade, according to Civic SD.

Amenities will include 30 learning spaces, a technology lab, community rooms, an outdoor classroom, learning lounges and collaborative student offices.

“Establishing a school in Linda Vista has been a top priority since our founding in 2014,” said Thrive Public School CEO Nicole Assisi.

In addition to the school, Thrive and Civic SD are working on a new Bayside Community Center.

“The area around the Bayside Community Center is reported to be one of the six most distressed blocks in San Diego with under-resourced housing and education facilities,” said Assisi. “This opportunity allows us to immediately address the educational inequality that exists in this community.

Assisi said bringing quality education is the starting point to community transformation.

CivicSD’s New Market Tax Credit program helped provide the funding for the project, according to CivicSD. The program allows CivicSD to sell tax credits to those who make investments to support certain low income communities.

“This is one of the many examples of how we are improving quality of life in some of San Diego’s most underserved communities,” said CivicSD President Reese A. Jarrett in a statement. “We are especially proud to be collaborating with Thrive Public Schools and Bayside Community Center in a neighborhood that is so very deserving of this resource.

CivicSD said the U.S. Treasury gave CivicSD four allocations of New Market Tax Credit, totaling $133 million, which has been used to fund low-income projects across San Diego.

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