Temporary Fire Station to Improve Response Times

An abandoned gas station will transform into a temporary fire station in Skyline Hills, officials announced Monday.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Council member Myrtle Cole and Fire Chief Javier Mainar came out to the site on the 7100 block of Skyline Drive to break ground for the event.

The station would be named Temporary Fire Station Number 51 and would improve wait times in the area for residents in an area that has long suffered from longer wait times for emergency services.

"I came down today to see something I've been working on for years," said Skyline resident William Glover. "To try and bring emergency services closer to our neighbors."

The new building would be a 1,440-square-foot state-approved mobile unit that features dormitory rooms for four fire fighters and a 1,350-square-foot structure to house a fire engine.

At the ground breaking, Faulconer said the temporary station would be ready in several months.

“We don’t just see Skyline and Canto as just any other neighborhood," Faulconer said. "These are our neighborhoods collectively and our city only does well when every single neighborhood is doing well."

The city would begin building a permanent solution in two to three years, Faulconer said. 

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