Teachers “Furious” Over Board’s Caveats

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San Diego teacher’s unions are “upset” after a vote by the board of the San Diego Unified School District maintained their jobs, but with one added caveat.

In a four to one vote Thursday night, the SDUSD’s board agreed to spend a minimum of $32 million to give back the jobs of employees within the district who were laid off.

This would include teachers, nurses, and counselors as well as bus drivers and landscapers, among others.

However, there’s one catch, said the teacher's unions.

The teacher’s unions would have to make concessions in their contracts.

The unions told NBCSanDiego this afternoon that teachers are furious, and will be meeting in the coming days to determine what to do.

"The union is very, very upset” said union president Bill Freeman. [The unions are] disappointed with the district which is using teachers as pawns."

SDUSD Board members Scott Barnett and Richard Barrera said the concessions are necessary to restore academic programs while being fiscally responsible.

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