New SDPD Chief Appoints Assistant Chiefs

The new assistant chiefs of police will take on their new role effective Mar. 15

The newly-appointed chief of the San Diego Police Department did some appointing of her own Tuesday, announcing three new assistant chiefs of police within the department.

In a memo to SDPD personnel sent by Chief Shelley Zimmerman, she announced the appointments of Sarah Creighton, Todd Jarvis and Terrence “Terry” McManus to the position of Assistant Chief of Police.

The assistant chiefs begin their new roles effective Saturday, according to Zimmerman’s memo.

“Sarah, Todd and Terry bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the position and are committed to the success and improvement of the Police Department,” wrote Zimmerman.

Zimmerman – a 31-year veteran of the SDPD – was officially confirmed chief of the department on Mar. 4, exactly one week ago.

The chief, who stepped up as former SDPD William Lansdowne stepped down, has taken on the leadership role amid police officer sex scandals plaguing the department.

For her part, the new chief has said she’s ready to accept the challenge and has big plans for the future of the SDPD.

“We will instill a culture of excellence in our police department. We will demand it of ourselves because our community deserves it,” said Zimmerman, before the city council, during her confirmation last week. “It starts with the chief of police all the way to our newest recruit and our entire civilian

“All of us will strive to be the very best at what we do in the very best police department and in the most beautiful city in the world,” she continued. “We are committing every single second of every single day to the words that are written on the doors of our police cars: “America’s Finest.” These are not just words, these are our core values.”

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