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New Rescue Routes Offer Crews Lifesaving Access to San Diego River

Lifeguards gain seven new rescue routes to save lives at the San Diego River

With the creation of seven new rescues routes, lifeguards can now quickly reach the San Diego River by swiftboating to save lives.

City Councilmember Scott Sherman will introduce the new emergency access routes on Tuesday, while lifeguards perform river training operations. The San Diego River Conservancy worked with Sherman on a plan to cut the routes through heavy brush with encouragement from the San Diego Fire-Rescue lifeguards.

At noon, the lifeguards' swift water rescue team will carry out training operations on the San Diego River.

In times of heavy rain, the San Diego River has flooded in the Mission Valley area prompting the need for faster rescues. In early 2017, torrential rainfall prompted lifeguards to rescue more than 60 people from their hotel by the San Diego River. The new routes will allow crews to save victims from drowning more efficiently.

Other community leaders and emergency personnel will be present at the training operation, including Fire Chief Brian Fennessy, San Diego Chief Lifeguard Rick Wurts, CalFire Chief Nick Shuler and officials from the San Diego River Conservancy.

Sherman and the River Conservancy collaborated with state and local agencies to create the new access routes.

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