New Ramona Housing Development Has Wildfire Safety in Mind

All new housing developments must follow strict guidelines at both the state and local levels

The threat of wildfires is often one of the biggest concerns for residents when new housing developments are built.

One new development in Ramona has been built with fire safety in mind.

All new housing developments must follow strict guidelines at both the state and local levels.

Developers at Willow Ridge Estates worked with both Cal Fire and the San Diego County Fire Authority to make sure they have enough fire hydrants and a way for fire engines to easily get in and out.

Although the development is in a more populated part of Ramona, it’s in an area that is especially prone to wildfires.

Both the 2003 and 2007 fires tore through the area.

Flying embers can cause home after home to go up in flames so to help prevent that, the homes are designed with fire-resistant tile roofing.

The eaves have been sealed with stucco to keep embers from getting underneath the tiles and starting a fire in the roof.

There are also special vents for the attic that are integrated into the roof.

“Inside, you have all this mesh wire material that will capture those and the embers,” said Janean Johnson with Willow Ridge Estates. “The embers don't have a place to smolder and get hot and actually catch fire.”

The homes also come with metal guards on gutters.

“These are metal guards that go over here, lock in place, and they're designed with the idea that we want to keep debris from getting built up in the gutters," Johnson said.

There are some other good examples here of less expensive and less labor intensive things you can do to protect your home from those flying embers.

For example, dual-pane windows with tempered glass are more resistant to flames.

The homes at Willow Ridge Estates start in the $600,000 according to the developer's website. They are located off of Hanson Lane, approximately half a mile southwest of Ramona High School.  

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